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This page discusses some of the technical aspects of this site. There is a link to Alabama CFO's facebook page at the bottom of each page on this site; go there and like to follow Alabama CFO. You can also add an Alabama CFO icon to mobile devices; while on the home page go to your devices menu and select add to home screen. utilizes the latest versions of Hyper Text Markup Language "HTML5" and Cascading Style Sheets "CSS3". HTML5 and CSS3 provide the designer greater control over the creation of the site and the end user (you) a better browsing experience. The downside of using the latest versions of these technologies is that the site may not work as planned on older browsers, especially older versions of Internet Explorer. If you prefer to use Internet Explorer on a desktop or laptop computer it is recommended that you upgrade to IE version 10 or later. With that in mind, fall backs have been used to insure that this site will work on older browsers even if the user experience is not as good. However if you encounter problems with this site on your desktop, laptop, or mobile devices please send an email to Explain the problems you are encountering and include the device and broswer information in your message.