Alabama CFO Leaders

Chairman and Secretary

Tim and Cherry Brewer

406 13th St SW

Alabaster, AL 35007

Home: 1-205-663-2455


Vickey Dunn

P.O. Box 530463

Birmingham, AL 35253

Questions ?

Phyllis Seale (Assistant Registrar)


Activity Leaders
Praise and Worship Mitch Kelley
Creative Art TBA
Creative Writing TBA
Creative Drama TBA
Creative Nature TBA
Creative Banners TBA
Creative Conversation TBA
Rhythms Paola and Julie Sommer
Youth Program Justin and Ginna Niksich
Children's Program Kristen Ferrier
Prayer Groups Mary Ann Beggs
Tapes TBA

The Council Ring

The total responsibility for each camp resides with its Council Ring. It is that body, headed by the Camp Chairperson, that selects its own leaders for all activities, its location, and dates. It is responsible for the effectiveness of its program and committed to the welfare of the campers. An effective Council Ring is a praying Ring, centered in Jesus Christ and tuned to His will. To its memebers is entrusted the keeping of the unique character of CFO for their Camp and the oneness of its campers.

Council Rings consist of a minimum of seven members generally serving three-year terms before rotatiing off. New memebers are elected by the Ring from among experienced campers who are centered in Jesus Christ and have a loving spirit, sense of commitment, and familiarity with CFO objectives to manifest leadership. Gathering each day, the Council Ring meets the needs of the Camp and its campers, and evaluates its effect. Council Ring members elect officers who interface Zone leaders and with CFO Association headquarters, as may be neccessary.